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Lucila Machado

Dip Biog Couns, BA (Honours), BLL (Honours)

I trained as a lawyer and teacher before I came into counseling. At the heart of my relationship to the world is the interest I have in people and their development, hence my interest not only in counseling but also in justice and teaching. As a teacher, I developed deep and meaningful work with the children in my care, their families, and the school community. I hope to bring this rich experience in pastoral care to my practice as a counselor.

The need to develop and deepen a sense of meaning in my life brought me to counseling. Counseling helped me to feel heard, and to connect to myself at a deep core level. It enabled me to deal with my day to day life with a better sense of myself and gave me clarity about the choices that lay ahead of me.

As a client I tried several approaches to counseling and psychotherapy over the years. Biographical Counselling saw me as a whole human being and helped me to be in touch with that which is best in me. It gave me an opportunity to relate to my own past with understanding and compassion and to find a thread throughout my life that enabled me to encounter the future with equanimity. These are the reasons I chose to train as a biographical counselor.

I trained with The Biography and Social Development Trust. Biographical counseling training is done over three years on a part-time basis. It is a rich and extensive personal training with a deep spiritual content that has a great impact on the trainee's life.

A great part of it is about personal and spiritual development. It also includes the understanding of the archetype of human development according to Rudolf Steiner and the understanding that our experiences and troubles today have a connection with a new emerging consciousness which is bringing a different relationship with the spirit and is awakening new capacities in the human being. The training has a life transforming the quality and prepares the student to meet another person in their totality, to keep in view what is unborn and eternal in them and to guard and encourage the awakening of their creativity.