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Biographical Counselling

Biographical Counselling encourages a journey of self-development through a deeper understanding of our own biography. As self-knowledge deepens we find more meaning in our life story and can become freer to transform unwanted patterns and to become more creative in our work and relationships.

Biographical Counselling aims to help people enter into dialogue with their own life story. Through exploring the interweaving of past, present and future, people begin to read the language of their own biography, discover their essential life themes and tasks, and thereby find new strength and meaning for the future.

It sees the trials and psychological distress of our time as an opportunity for change and the realisation of our worth, dignity and freedom as human beings.

This form of counselling works with the dynamics of human struggle and the cycles and rhythms of biographical development according to the 20th Century philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Biographical Counselling draws on talking, working with art and creative writing exercises, meditation and biographical work. It is a rich, deep process in which the human relationship between client and counsellor is central.

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