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  Biographical Counselling


Biographical Counselling

Biographical counselling can help us meet the challenges and questions that we face in our individual lives. It helps to place them in the context of our whole biography in a way that enables us to observe emerging rhythms and patterns and find the essential thread which runs through our story, thereby finding the strength and inspiration to meet the future with renewed energy and creativity. Read more...

Workshops on Biography

I also offer workshops that focus on particular aspects of biographical work. Some of the areas I might work with are: parenting, recognizing a thread in our life; the role of relationships; 'mirroring' in a biography and immersion in your own biography. In my blog I write about aspects of human biography and post current workshops and talks.

Individual Biographical Work

Sometimes you might want to study your own biography on a one to one basis rather than in a workshop or in counselling. I offer sessions for individuals who want to explore their own biography, make a life chart and understand the patterns and mirrorings which they might find, but who do not want to engage in counselling.